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The Power of Stories

What's gone on this week

A stressful week at work, but it got me thinking about the power of stories. I knew going into the week that it was going to be hard given the amount and type of things that were on the schedule. It surpassed my expectations rather spectacularly. So much so that I wonder if at least part of the reason why is that I was expecting it to.

In order to process the world and the things that happen to us we make up stories about them. I think this is especially true about unpleasant situations. It's hardwired into our brains. And because we don't have all the information about a given situation, because we can only see things from one perspective as it happens, we fill in the gaps by making assumptions. Often times those assumptions are of limited truth and sometimes they're just plain wrong. If they are reinforced by repetition over time they become entrenched and powerful. Even if they don't fit the situation, even if they are clearly wrong, they are what we see.

So, did I psych myself out this week without realizing it? If I did can I change things by changing my story? Is it really that simple? I'll be taking these questions into next week and see if anything comes of them.

My sister and I went to Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco on Saturday. We used to go regularly but haven't been in over five years. We found some beautiful things to bring home. I also loved being in a large space with so many creatives.

Garden Update

The seedlings I planted out have had mixed success. The nasturtiums are doing well. The calendula and cosmos didn't survive, although the seeds that I direct sowed are doing fine. Not a lot else to report.

What I'm loving

I listened to two episodes of the Beautiful Writers podcast that I loved - with Brene Brown and Elizabeth Gilbert. Both are older episodes but I found them relevant. I especially loved the part of the Elizabeth Gilbert episode where she talks about saying no.

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