• Sophia Dunkin-Hubby

Castle in the Air

Over the weekend my sister and I went to Berkeley to visit one of our favorite shops - Castle in the Air. Multiple people have asked me what kind of store it is, but I'm not really sure how to answer. Whimsy and imagination are not really things that are sold, but it is the best way to describe the store.

I guess you could say it's an upmarket craft store, sort of. They sell crepe paper, German foil paper, cards, wrapping paper, sealing wax and seals, ribbons, dip pens and fountain pens, as well as novelties of various kinds.

To me it's a cabinet of curiosities. I've bought polished spheres of petrified wood and bottles of beads. I always want the painted boxes displayed in small glass cabinets and all the leather bound notebooks. While much of their stock is consistent I always discover new things while browsing.

Places like this are rare and need to be treasured. If you're in the area I highly recommend a visit. Step inside and let your imagination be transported.

Castle in the Air is located at 1805 4th Street in Berkeley, California.

Photos by Sophia Dunkin-Hubby



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