• Sophia Dunkin-Hubby

Mail Art

I've watched my sister create mail art for years but haven't really made much myself. Then recently I noticed a bunch of it popping it up on my Pinterest feed and felt inspired. So I turned my Valentine's into mail art.

What is mail art? Basically it's small scale pieces of art that are sent through the mail. Whether that's painting or drawing on envelopes, collaging, or some other form of artistic embellishment is up to the artist. It has a fascinating history and many subgroups of practitioners. My personal opinion is that if you think it's art and it is sent through the mail it counts. Full disclosure, my sister wrote a Master's thesis on this topic so I consider myself well informed.

I used a variety of patterned papers, washi tape, vintage, un-postmarked postage and calligraphy for mine. I tried not to overthink things and just go with what felt fun. You can really go nuts with layering if collage is your think. I think I would have done more if I'd had more supplies.

Sending a letter or card to someone through the mail is a lovely way of letting someone know that you're thinking about them. We're so used to instant communications that it seems antiquated and pointless to send something that will take days to reach someone. Plus it takes time to buy the card and sit down to write it. So, think of it as a special treat. A way of putting a smile on someone's face. Bonus points if you take the time to decorate the envelope as well.

Photos by Sophia Dunkin-Hubby



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