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Forcing Paperwhites

The amaryllis that I planted a couple of weeks ago are starting to grow. And in holding to my bulb planting schedule last weekend I started forcing my paperwhite bulbs. They're already sprouting roots a few days later and I'm looking forward to starting the new year with the beautiful white flowers. Here's a quick tutorial.

Note - I've linked some of the supplies that I used below. This is not a sponsored post, nor are these affiliate links. These are just my personal preferences.

What You'll Need

Clean vases, enough to hold your bulbs

Potting stones, rocks, or marbles - I used a combination of these and these from Terrain.

Paperwhite (Narcissus Bulbs) - the ones I bought are sold out but there are some still available here.



1. Place your bulbs into your vases to determine how many bulbs will fit in each one. They can be fairly cozy, but leave some room around the edges so they are easier to maneuver.

2. Remove the bulbs and place a layer of stones on the bottom of each vase.

3. Place the bulbs on top of the stones so the bottom/root area rests on top of the stone layer.

4. Place more stones around the bulbs so that they are upright.

5. Pour water into the vase until it just touches the bottom of the bulbs. Be careful not to add too much. If you let the bulbs sit in too much water they will rot.

6. Store the vases in a cool, dark location for 2 weeks, checking the water level periodically and refilling as necessary. Again, just cover the roots. Not the rest of the bulbs.

7. After 2 weeks move to a sunny window and continue to water as above.

I ended up with 5 vases of paperwhites. I'll post an update once they bloom.



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