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Holiday Wrapping

I love many things about the holidays, but wrapping gifts may top them all. Something about the paper, tape, and ribbons just makes my heart sing.

I sometimes wish we could stick to a theme or color palette. But we never can. There are just too many fun options out there. Plus we love color. So we have an eclectic selection every year.

I thought I'd highlight some of the combinations we chose this year. Source links are at the bottom. This is not a sponsored post, nor are the links below affiliate links. I just love the paper and ribbons.

A note about the ribbons - we like really nice ribbons in my family, so we collect them. We generally buy them from a ribbon store in San Francisco called the Ribbonerie which we visit once a year. Or we collect them from random shops (like Petersham Nurseries in London or Castle in the Air in Berkeley.) Then we put them in a big box and reuse them year after year, cutting them down as needed until they're too small to use. It feels luxurious to have lovely ribbons on our presents. I've include links for similar ribbon suggestions as well.

Scroll down and let me know what you think. What kind of wrapping paper and ribbon combinations are you loving this year?


Gold Foil Shimmer Stripe Wrapping Paper - Container Store

Purple Watercolor Wrapping Paper - Paper Source, Similar ribbon - Petersham Nurseries

Black, white, and gold marble wrapping paper - Container Store, Similar ribbon - Castle in the Air

Enchanted Gold Glitter Wrapping Paper - Container Store

Blush Gold Foil Triangle Wrapping Paper - Container Store

Other ribbon suggestions - Red Felt Ribbon, Red Striped Cotton Ribbon, Metallic Red and White Ribbon - all Container Store.

Photos by Sophia Dunkin-Hubby



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