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Amaryllis Planting

About a month ago I wrote about my plans for planting bulbs throughout the winter. This weekend I planted the first of them - the Amaryllis bulbs that I'm hoping will bloom at the end of December.

I ordered two different kinds of bulbs from Amaryllis and Caladium Bulb Co. - Elvas and Blossom Peacock. Both of them are double blooms, which means twice the flowers per stalk, in white with pink or peach accents, according to the pictures on the website. Flowering time is 7-9 weeks which means they should bloom around New Year's.

I am using terracotta pots because they're inexpensive and I like the look of them. I also like that they breathe a little better than glazed pots, but a glazed pot will work fine. All that matters is that it has a drainage hole in it. The other important thing is the size of the pot. Amaryllis bulbs like to be cozy, so choose one that is about an inch or two bigger than the bulb.

Fill the pot with dirt, enough so that the top of the bulb is even with the top of the pot, and the stump (beginning of the stalk) sticks up. Once you find the right level (use the bulb to gauge) water the soil. This will ensure that the roots are exposed to water. Use warm water.

Place the bulb in the pot and fill the rest of the pot with dirt until you have covered everything except for the top of the bulb and the stump. Water using warm water.

Set indoors in a place that gets bright, indirect light. Don't water again until you see new, green growth emerge from the top of the bulb. Then water sparingly, i.e. don't soak the soil.

Now that the bulbs are in the pots all I have to do is watch and wait. I'll post pictures on Instagram once they bloom.

If you're planting or buying pre-potted amaryllis bulbs this year, let me know which ones you choose.

Photos by Sophia Dunkin-Hubby



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