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Fall Baking Recipe Roundup

It doesn't really feel like Fall until the house is filled with the smell of cinnamon, butter, and sugar. My sister is the baker in our house. At least until we come across a recipe we like that is complicated with lots of steps. Then she looks at me and asks when I'm going to make it. I've learned from experience that requesting she make specific recipes gets me into trouble. Unless I'm prepared to eat the entire batch of whatever she's made, which I never am, she gets very grumpy. Luckily there are very few things that she makes that I don't like. And if I wait long enough, whatever I'm interested in shows up in the rotation.

Here are five of my favorites of the baking recipes she makes in the fall.

Dark Rye Kukko - recipe by Nordic Bakery

In addition to having a distinctive taste dark rye flour has more fiber and protein than whole wheat flour. It also makes for surprisingly tasty treats. Kukko are a traditional Finnish jam filled pastry. The recipe calls for blueberry jam, but you can use any kind of jam you like. Marionberry is a favorite of ours.

Elsa's Rye Cookies - recipe from Swedish Cakes and Cookies

Another rye flour recipe. These are like rye flavored shortbread cookies. Delicious with a cup of tea.

Batter Bakery's Chocolate Pear Bread - recipe by Batter Bakery in San Francisco (photo at the top of the post)

More rye flour! But so amazing. It's a little like banana bread, but with pears and chocolate.

Chocolate Chip Pumpkins Muffins - recipe by Angry Chicken

The preamble to the recipe says they're fairly healthy, but don't let that fool you. With 1 cup and a 1/2 of sugar in them, these are definitely still treats. But they are delicious. And they freeze really well. My sister used to make a batch of them for my birthday, I'd freeze them and eat them for a month. Warm them up before you eat them so the chocolate is slightly gooey. I'm drooling just thinking about them.

Cranberry Strawberry Crumb Pie - recipe by Dawn Perry, in Real Simple Magazine

Pies are one of the only things I bake, aside from scones but that's a different post, and this one is a great one for fall. The recipe assumes you have the dough for the pie crust pre-made (the crust recipe I use is this one from Joy of Cooking) so make sure to factor that into the prep time. The other thing I recommend is to slide a baking sheet under your baking dish to catch any juice that bubbles over the edge. Once it's cooked I guarantee you'll have a hard time waiting until it's cool enough to cut.

Is your mouth water yet? What are your favorite things to bake in the fall?

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