• Sophia Dunkin-Hubby

Corner of My Home: Dining Room

Welcome to the second installment of the “Corner of My Home” series, sharing part of the eclectic apartment I share with my sister. Today I’m taking you through the dining room.

The dining room holds both our dining table and my sister’s studio so we wanted to make the space bright and colorful. It’s also open to the living room so defining the space was a priority. The table and chairs are from IKEA. I covered the seat in a red and gold striped fabric that I found at Joann’s. It makes them look more expensive than they are. My sister loves textiles and has been collecting embroidered shirts from Mexico. Slipping them over the backs of a couple of chairs gives the space some softness while allowing them to be displayed.

My sister and I both have collections of plates and thought the dining room would be a great place to display them. Putting them on opposite walls showcases them individually while visually tying the space together. My set is made up of five colorful Turkish plates that I bought almost ten years ago for my first apartment. When I was in college I went to a Turkish restaurant in Berlin whose walls were covered in decorative plates and fell in love with the idea. I bought mine online at Yurdan.com. They have a great selection at a variety of price points. I went for a rainbow of colors instead of the more traditional blue and white because they made me so happy. Most of them are still available – orange, blue, green, purple, red. You can find plate hangers on Amazon or at most hardware stores.

Across the room, on the opposite wall, are my sister’s collection of decorative saucers with the seven deadly sins written on them. I love how proper and cheeky there are. Hers are by Trixie Delicious. Each set is unique, and they come with plate hangers already attached which makes displaying them easy. People have to look closely at them to read them and realize what they are, which is part of the fun.

My sister’s studio takes up one wall at the end. It’s a constantly changing mix of things depending on what’s inspiring her at the moment. Since it’s quite busy we kept the opposite wall simple with a large, double exposure photo by Miranda Crooks. I bought it as a gift for myself last year. It was the first piece of art that I bought, the beginning of my collection. The colors are so beautiful and I love sitting down for breakfast every morning with that as my view. We recently added an easel in the corner as my sister’s been working on larger pieces. The blue curtain (also from IKEA) tie everything together.

The dining and living rooms are the heart of our home, where we spend most of our time. I hope you like it as much as we do. What are your favorite elements of your dining room?

Photos by me.



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