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Art Supplies at SCRAP San Francisco

One of the day trips into San Francisco that I take every year around this time is to a place called SCRAP, a non-profit that provides affordable access to reused arts and crafts supplies and training on creative reuse. Everything they have available for purchase has been donated. It's a fabulous place for teachers and artists to get supplies. My sister and I go several times a year to get supplies for her collages. I love helping her dig through bins of paper and shelves of books and magazines for things she can use. The prices are incredibly reasonable and the fact that they're giving a second life to things that would otherwise be dumped in landfill is so cool.

It's housed in a warehouse in an area south of the Dogpatch area in San Francisco. While the address is on Toland Street the entrance is on Newcomb Ave, which is also the best place to park. It's a bit of a rough area, literally, the streets are roughly paved with lots of potholes, but don't let that deter you.

Because their stock is based on donations it's different every time. But it's still pretty extensive. Fabric, buttons, cards, magazines, books, bits of paper, planners, address books, toys, old electronic equipment, frames, globes, etc. In addition to being a great place for art supplies it's also a great place for theaters looking for props.

They also offer crafting classes and teacher workshops.

If you're looking for supplies or just want a unique outing in the city I highly recommend paying SCRAP a visit.

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Photos by Sophia Dunkin-Hubby.


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