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Splatter Paint on Canvas DIY

One of the best things about living with an artist is constantly being surrounded by creativity. Watching my sister create her collage pieces is inspiring. It’s also gotten me in the mood to do some of my own painting. On canvas. This being my first time painting on canvas I wanted to do something fairly easy so I chose to do some splatter paintings. Think Jackson Pollock.

I really enjoyed it, so I thought I’d share it here for any of you with the painting bug to create your own. It’s a great project for all ages. The supplies should be readily available at most craft stores.


Canvases (I chose 9”x12” in a pack of seven so I’d have plenty on hand)

Acrylic paints – 4 colors of your choice in either matte or satin finish, I like using all matte colors except for one so it stands out

Wide paint brush, if you want a background other than white

Some sort of drop cloth – I used an old towel


For each painting I chose three to four colors, one of which was white.

Create background – if you want a colored background choose one of your colors and squirt several globs of paint onto the canvas. Take the paint brush and brush it through the paint until it covers most of the canvas. Then squirt several globs of white paint onto the canvas and brush that through until the whole canvas is covered. This way your background will be in the same color pallet but lighter, so your paint splatters will stand out.

Splatter away – choose one color and squirt paint directly onto the canvas. Experiment with shapes and sizes. You can use long thin lines, curved lines, small drops, big drops. Use a mix until you feel like you have enough of one color. Choose another color and repeat. I used white either last or second to last, so it would stand out from the rest. Keep going until you are satisfied with the amount of splatters.

Leave to dry – depending on how big your globs are it can take anywhere from 6 to 24 hours.

Make as many paintings as you like.

Once they’re dry you can hang or lean them against the walls. At least one of mine is coming to work with me while the others are going to hang in my bedroom.

If you try it tell me what you think and tag me on Instagram if you post photos. Happy painting!

What are your favorite art projects?



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